Hernia and rectal mesh

This will be hard for anyone to believe, but I fell for trusting a doctor and had a sigmoid resection because “it” could become an emergency only to later be told I could have done physical therapy. He literally saw me the morning of discharge; I was lying in a mess; didn’t call anyone to help and discharged me w/o changing bandages. This led to an infection which led to a hernia; hence another surgery.  For three years I’ve been treated for chronic pain.  If one doesn’t have problems before the surgery and then in pain so bad going any place is extremely difficult, conclusion seems to be the surgery, both with mesh, caused problems.  The extreme pain is in area he resected using mesh. I’m scared because my leg and groin is starting to cause pain.  But, I knew hernia repair caused problems from beginning, reported, but continued to be treated for chronic pain from a rear ending two years prior.  I AM PETRIFIED.  Nobody talks about rectal mesh; I educated the quack who did this surgery.  Went to make peace; get rid of my anger; try to forgive him, but, he was defensive and, when I showed him my huge gut (I was a size 4) he didn’t blink an eye.

I honestly don’t know where to go because this involves two areas and, Dr. V called it – tell surgeon who did this to remove mesh.  Well, I won’t let that doctor touch me but I haven’t a clue what to do.  The pain literally prevents me from much activity and I’m been reporting for three years.  Any advice out there?  And, thank you for this site and the work that goes into it to honestly help others.

I know I am more educated about the awful effects of mesh than the surgeon who put it in, thanks to this site, groups on Facebook and a wonderful guy who is trying to get me to the right place.  My family wants me back.